Do You Believe in God

TRUTH: What You Believe Really Matters!


Do you believe in God?


Statistics say that more than 90% of people believe in God.

But, do all have a belief that is based on the truth? or just some ideas they have heard?


Did you know that what the Bible says about God is critical to your knowing the truth about God and about your eternal destiny?


What is truth?  Jesus said in prayer..


“Thy Word is truth


God’s Word, the Bible, is truth.


What the Bible says about you and I is “The Truth,” regardless of what we believe.


This is the most important fact in our life..


whether we are aware of it or not! 



It is the reason we are alive. We are not accepted or rejected by God because of being a good or bad person. And don’t be deceived… not everyone is accepted by God.  People die and go to a place of horrible and eternal judgment every day. (Hell) We may receive greater reward or punishment by what we are and do. But be absolutely assured…

that we are only accepted by God in one very narrow manner!


Jesus said: 


“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to God, but through me”


Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross was His payment for our separated state from God -

Sin. (All  of our “sins” are a result of our “state” of sin or broken relationship to God.)


You see Jesus lived a blameless life… Suffered temptation and overcame it. Then He willingly sacrificed his life in a horrific and unjust punishment. He died a humiliating death and went to Hell, all in your and my behalf. He paid the penalty for our Sin.


In effect, He became the perfect sacrificial Lamb. if we don't accept His sacrifice for our sin, we are not doing it his way and are not coming to the God of the bible.


Truth is like gravity…  you can stand at the top of a building and say I don’t believe in all that gravity stuff.   But if you jump you will still suffer it’s effects.


The Bible is truth, whether you and I believe it or not. Learn what it says.



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