One Man's Story

I am a "Born Again" Christian. I wanted a way to share the greatest experience of my life with you….


My relationship with Jesus Christ.


I use the term "Born Again" because Jesus did. It means that my inner self has been connected or come alive to God… by His grace and my response. At one time, I was not connected. I was condemned to eternal separation from God...


I did not evn know it!


That is why I have posted this... In case someone who reads this is in that same state. The Bible calls it being "Lost" or "Unsaved" If you follow what is said here you can be "saved" too! If you haven’t already... You can begin a real living relationship with God! It’s awesome! God set a standard on earth to declare who He is and what he requires of us…


The Bible


We all have ways of making God to be what we want Him to be. Please, don’t be like I have been, deceiving myself into thinking I know what life is all about or that the God I may have made up in my mind is the real one. The Real One tells us who He is in the Bible. He is full of love and mercy and is not condemning anyone. He just wants to have a relationship with us.


I say this because the Bible transformed me even though I was a complete atheist. I had no desire for religion in any form... but God made Himself known to me through other people’s testimony of His work in their lives and the demonstration His life changing power in their daily living. I gained the knowledge of Jesus the Christ through seeing His living presence in people and then through the words of the Bible. If this weren’t 1000 percent real to me, I never would have responded to it’s claims. I wanted nothing to do with any religion and at the time, was on top of the world. God showed himself real to me through the Bible’s words and through transformed lives. Undeniably! The transformation in my own life has been miraculous, to say the least.


Although there are many truly "Born Again" Christians. I believe there are many people who don’t really know for sure or are only living a form of faith, but have never truly been "Born Again." which according to the Bible is absolutely necessary for a relationship with God. In short, some people are being deceived into believing that every thing is OK with them and God, when it is not! I know I lived in this state for a long time! Living by "good " principles is not necessarily being in relationship with the true God. If the truth about Jesus Christ weren’t confirmed to me countless times over 30 years … I would not be posting this. I just know the reality of what I am saying is true. Feel free to talk to me about this.


So, This is my ultimate purpose in life. … Just like Jesus... who declared that he came…


1. To seek and save those that are lost (not saved) and...

2. To bring abundant life.. to restore us to God’s original intentions


I have posted this info on this site to lead the "unsaved" to Christ and to help direct those that "know" Him to more deeply experience the abundant life God has for us – their Destiny!


According to the Bible, there are only 2 classes of people in the world:


"Born Again" ( "Saved" )

Not "Born Again"" ( Not "Saved" )


Are you "Born Again" ("Saved") or Not?


All other religious ideologies have elements and principles that are Godly and good. butonly one that can "save" you. .


Jesus said... "No man comes to God, but through Me."


(Accepting His sacrifice by faith as our only way to God)


If you believe Jesus died and was raised from the dead as a substitute for your sin and have made a public declaration of are "Born Again" too. There may be some of you that are not. That is the main reason why we have posted this website. You may be "Born Again" and not really know that termanology.


Jesus Said.. "You must be "Born Again" in order to enter the kingdom of God"


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