How to Be "Born Again"


 What does it mean to be Born Again”?


Jesus used the term when describing how one could “see” the Kingdom of God.




In order to be “Born Again”..  This happens..


God makes His reality known to us through people, preaching or circumstance.. God demonstrates His reality to us.


This is the “Living Word”.


We recognize that we are alienated from God because of our sin.

We ask God to forgive us.. to bring us back to Him.


We believe the message of the Cross in our heart.


Christ Died to save us from the penalty of our sin,

to give us a new life and the assurance of heaven.



That means..


We are willing to publicly confess that Jesus is the Lord and take our stand.

As soon as we take steps of repentance

(turning away from our sins and confessing Christ)

God recreates a new heart within us...


     We are “Born Again”


Our “Real Person”, our “Spirit”, or our “Inward Self” is

“Born Again” with a God-Like nature.

It was Dead to God.




He has made us alive  or “Born Again”

to become aware of His presence and plan

and to make us capable of fulfilling it.


We now have the eternal purpose of helping others come to this knowledge.

This is the only place of true fulfillment..  being a part of something truly meaningful for all eternity. Saving and restoring lives!


This is doing God’s will.. to seek and save those that are lost and to become and make disciples (followers) of all people.


 Everything you do from your work to your play now takes on eternal importance and significance.. What a great way to live... with real and eternal meaning! This is what Jesus called the abundant life, a life full with meaning and blessing.




Pray this Prayer

Dear God,


I know that I have sinned. I have not done all you have wanted of me.

Please forgive me and let me experience your forgiveness and your peace.

I want to know You. Reveal Yourself to me. 


Give me the assurance of heaven when I die.


I will turn from my sins. Give me Your ability to do so.

I am not sure that I can. Reveal to me your purpose for me.

I will pursue it. I will learn the Bible and do it.

I will tell others what You have done for me. Lead me to be who you want

me to be.


Thank you for a new life!






What next?


God will lead you through your conscience, The words of the Bible, other people and circumstances. Talk to God. Read His Word (The Bible). He will "speak" to you throught it. His words impart new life. Do what it says. Fellowship with other believers. Tell others about your faith. This way you will grow and experience God's best for you!


God will lead you into ever increasing awarenss of His presence as you learn and grow by doing what you "hear" Him say


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