Bible Facts

What the Bible Says about God and Man



Did you know what the Bible says about God and Man?


Bible Facts:


God is the creator of the universe and the owner of everything in it.

God is all knowing, all powerful, everywhere present.

God is a spirit uninhibited by time and space.

God loves everyone in the world. You and I included!

God has created man for friendship and co creator-ship with Himself.

God has created man for glorious dominion over all that He created.

God created man with a free will. So that he could choose to love God or not.

God could only then have true people capable of love, not just robots.

God will not force His Will upon any person.

God is Holy – perfect in every way - Morally and in Wisom, Knowledge, and Deed.

God’s Holiness demands holiness from his creation (people).



God will punish all the sinners who are unholy and unbelieving.

People are not holy, they sin (miss the mark of God’s Perfection)

God’s perfection cannot tolerate sin.


God had a dilemma:  His perfection could not tolerate his rebellious (Sinning) creation – Man, but He loved Man and wanted to have a relationship with him.


God, unfortunately, had declared that all sin must be punished by death. (Eternal separation and punishment from Himself) He can’t lie. He had to do something about this.


He cast Satan.. His greatest creation.., to earth and will ultimately cast him to hell for Sin, (Rebellion).


God declared that Sin must be made up for.

God declared that there had to be a blood sacrifice.

No person was perfect enough for their blood to be good enough.





God has made provision by Himself for each man’s deserved punishment for sin

God came and lived as a man

He allowed His own creation to sentence Him to death.

He suffered the death

He went to hell so we would not have to

We just have to accept His grace sacrifice by faith and public declaration.

We can’t offer our sacrifices of good deeds… they will never satisfy His demand for justice.

We can’t work our way to heaven.

We have to humbly accept his provision and seek His will for our lives.

God alone made the way back… Through the humble acceptance of his gift…

The sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus, The Christ.





People are not holy. Neither You nor I.

All have sinned (broken God’s laws in thought or deed) and have fallen short of the glory of God.


All have sinned… So have you and I…


To be more clear about this, Let me ask you something…


Have you ever…?


Looked at a women (or Man) with lust to have sex


Stolen something

Used God’s name in vain

Wanted something else someone had to the point where you might steal it?

Hated someone.


If you have done any of these things you are guilty before God and will be judged and banished from God forever - eternal hell a place of darkness and torment 

(it’s not “hanging with your buddies”)




God has this problem….He demands holiness, yet all have sinned? 

He Loved man (That is you and me)

He wanted to be able to accept him (you and I)

He knew man couldn’t pay the price on his own.

Man would always fall short of the moral perfection God required.


He looked for a man to stand in the gap. (A perfect and holy one) He could not find one.

He decided to come to earth …to demonstrate the righteous and holy ways He wanted for man…


He then paid the price that had to be paid.. in Blood…His Blood…

the only Blood that could pay this penalty

He paid the price for the separation from Him caused by sin.

( Both human kind and for each person )


He lived a sinless life demonstrating God’s moral will for man.

He demonstrated His will socially, physically and financially by

Including all people, healing the sick, restoring sight to the blind,

feeding the hungry and raising the dead.

He forgave, restored, educated, uplifted, rebuffed and corrected.

He identified truth and demonstrated Love.



He died the most unjust and horrific death ever!  

The bible says he was beaten beyond human recognition.

He willing did this to pay the price for all man’s ills.

He even went to hell and suffered it’s torments so you and I would not have to!


He proved He was God by defeating death by arising from death after 3 days.


In His resurrection he paved the way for anyone who believes

to live forever with God in heaven.

Also for us to fulfill our God ordained purpose here on earth.

God has freed us to live eternally starting now with Him even though we don’t deserve to.


That’s why the Gospel is called the Good News!



Alright…So what is this sin that keeps someone from entering God’s kingdom

and living forever with Him when they die?  


SIMPLE:  Rejecting JESUS and what he did for us.


If you acknowledge that you believe this before men willingly take a stand.

He will accept you in His family and His Kingdom.


There is absolutely no other way.

All “Religions” attempt to earn their way to God by doing deeds.

This is not Bible Faith.

Bible faith is an encounter and a relationship with God through Jesus.

All religions have good principles to apply to living and many work well,

Where they do…they are based on God’s truths and principles.


However, “Religion” can be very deceptive.

It is a major way that Satan

traps millions of people into a tormented eternity.

Bible Faith is not “Religion”

It is an encounter and a relationship with the Living God!


Only one way is the absolute truth.

Millions are deceived into believing that if they follow religion

or just try to be good, God is forgiving, He will accept them.

That is NOT TRUE according to the Bible.


True Bible faith and all other religions

differ in 2 very distinct points.



1.  Religions say, “Be good and God will accept you”.

Bible faith says you can only be accepted by God on His terms.

Receive by faith Jesus sacrifice for your sin and declare it publicly.

(Doing good and living right will follow true faith)


2.  All other religious leaders are in their tombs. 


Jesus rose from the dead..



The Bible is clear…He only accepts us if we do it His way.


He now offers a free gift.  His righteousness (Right Standing with Him)

for our Sin (state of disbelief and disobedience to his laws)


What an amazingly graceful exchange!! 

“Amazing Grace… how sweet the sound”


If you accept this you and stand for it publicly and openly..

putting your trust in Jesus sacrifice alone.

You will be “SAVED

Spared from the punishment you deserve.


It’s a good thing, because no one can boast.

We have to humble ourselves, admit our helplessness

and simply accept by what he has said (The Bible) is true.

It is by faith in what He has done for us.

No one can boast about how good they are.

It’s His work that saves us from judgment not ours.


All we need to do is change or thinking (repent) 

And then be willing to take a public stand for it.

The Bible makes this point clear too,

Your Faith is not a private thing….

It must be professed and acted upon to be real..

Romans 10:10   James 3:14-19


Jesus said.


“ If you declare me before men

I will declare you before the Father (God),

if you don’t declare me before men,

I will not declare you before the Father (God).


He will impart a supernatural change on the inside of us

that will begin to manifest in our behavior

as we seek to learn and do His will..

through Bible study, obedience, prayer, church and

being a testimony to what he has done for us.


We cannot clean up our act enough, so don’t even try…

Although it may appeal to you... 

to try to be a “good” person, so that God will accept you.

He won’t on that basis alone!

It’s only on His terms as laid out in the Bible.

The Bible was written over 1500 years and was planned from eternity past

Don’t you see God’s genius?

No body can boast about how good they are.

Can you imagine all the people in heaven saying..

“I did this and I did that arguing about who deserves what?”


God solved that problem by declaring everyone guilty.

There will surely be degrees of reward in heaven ( and punishment in Hell ) 

but our acceptance by God will only be based on what He has done.

Not by our earning it. 

He helps us do the right things.

We still have old habits and sins that need to be transformed

into the right he wants for us. In time, with our cooperation, our actions

will conform more and more into God-like actions.


If you have truly humbled yourself, these truths will begin to manifest in your life.


If You would like to be “saved” or rededicate yourself…


Pray this Prayer..


Pray this sincerely.. He knows your heart.


Father God


I recognize that I am a sinner and in need of someone to save me from the

punishment that is due for my sin.

Thank you Jesus for paying the debt due for my sin,

by coming to earth and suffering the punishment

I deserved and for going to and suffering hell so I would not have to.

Wow that’s awesome! Thanks!


Come into me now by your Spirit and make me the person you want me to be.

I will cooperate with you as I learn and seek Your purpose for my life.

I will do this by acting in obedience to your Word.. The Bible.

That is what faith is.


Fill me now with the Holy Spirit.

Give me power to be your messenger to others who have not believed.

Show me how to help others see these truths. 

Thank you for giving me peace with You, a home in heaven, and now a purpose here on earth.


I will now begin to seek Your destiny for my life

by reading the Bible and doing what I read.

I will get together will other Christians to learn from and encourage one another.

I will tell others what you did for me. I will pray to and worship you.

I will pursue your will for my life in all the ways that You show me.


Thanks for this great privilege!!


And when I fall and sin, I will come back to you quickly,

because I know you forgive me and want to get me on the right track.


Thank You, You are in me now. I must now tell someone what I have done.

(To seal the deal). 

I will go do that now.






What next?


Now don’t depend on your feelings, depend on His faithfulness to His Word. 


John 3:16


“For God so loved the world, 

that He gave his only begotten Son, 

so that whosoever believes (trusts, adheres to, relies upon) in Him

shall not perish but have everlasting life.”


Begin your Christian Life by reading the Bible.

Start with  the New Testament. Find a Bible believing Church,.

Tell others about your decision. 

Learn the Doctrines of the Faith, so that you can  help others

understand if they have questions when you talk to them.

The Spirit of God will lead you inside by a still small voice of conscience,

by what the Bible Says, by other Christians and by peace.  

Tells others of your encounter with God through Jesus.


You can learn to hear his voice.

His will for you is to increase and improve in your spirit, 

your mind, your body, your business and your relationships.

He also wants you to manifest his character and have all this be a part of His primary purpose...

To bring all the world into the knowledge of Him, saving those that are lost

and helping develop other Christians.

His Will is to restore His original intentions for us. 

He is in the your dreams and visions for good and wants to help you fulfill them.


Remember this:  ( even a child can understand this.. )  


God is Good  - The Devil is Bad. 


God is the author of all good and the Devil is the author of all bad.

Our responses (actions) to Their Spirits (words, images) have created the world we live in.

This will continue to be so. It’s your choice and responsibility to find

the God words and images and follow them.

This is where true success and fulfilling your destiny will be found.


Now begin to follow God’s leading

(God’s Word - The Bible and your conscience)


You can go to “The Christian Life” tab for a great starting point.

Follow the links they are full of Christian Information to get you going.






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